We offer a range of Sugar related services from hosting to data migration, here are the services we can provide for you. If you cant find what you looking for please contact us


sugarCRM consultancy servicesA consultancy day gives you access to one of our experts who will visit your site, analyse your current working practices, discuss your future needs, then provide you with a detailed action plan to enable you to move forward.


SugarCRM Enhanced SupportEnhanced SugarCRM support, based in the UK with convenient opening hours. Unlimited technical and end user support regardless of edition or version.


SugarCRM Training ServicesAll training options are bespoke to your Sugar instance, so you can be sure that your users will be trained on how to use the system they will be using and not a generic system which bears no resemblance to what they be using in their day to day role.


SugarCRM Development ServicesWe use the Agile Software development method, which is where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organising and cross functional teams.


SugarCRM hosting Options & ServicesSugar can be hosted in a number of ways from On Premise to the Partner Cloud. Our Servers are based in the UK and meet all European Requirements.


Migrate your CRM to SugarCRMMigrate your CRM and all of your data to SugarCRM. We've done over 250 successful migrations.

Project Management

SugarCRM Project ManagementEnableIT’s Project Management is provided based around a standard framework, which is then customised and planned according to the requirements on the individual project.