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How To - Create & Use Standard Reports in SugarCRM

This blog discusses how to create standard reports in SugarCRM using the built-in reports module. Use the Cross Module Reports module to view, create, and manage reports on Sugar modules.

The Reports Home page displays the following information:

How To - Create custom scheduler jobs for SugarCRM

You may find yourself needing to perform an automated action on a regular basis. Maybe you have an external data source which you have written import scripts for.

Instead of running this script manually each day, you can set up a custom scheduler job in SugarCRM to do it for you. The process is quite simple read on to find out how....

How To - Create a Google Map Iframe inside SugarCRM

Have you ever thought that it would be useful to see where your lead is located, geographically, inside a Sugar record? Here’s how to create a Google Maps iFrame within Sugar.

How To - Add custom buttons to SugarCRM listview items

This is a small customisation that we have had a few customers request in the past. It allows you add a custom button to each list view record to perform a particular action - in this case to add the ability to quickly create a call or meeting using an AJAX based pop-up dialogue.

Please note that the customisation described below is not upgrade safe, as the first part requires you to modify a core file. However, you may be able to replace this step in an upgrade safe way.

How To - Make SugarCRM B2C

In its standard "out of the box" format, SugarCRM is configured to act as a B2B (Business to Business) system. Most organisations who use SugarCRM use it in that manner. However, more and more organisations are starting to look to SugarCRM as a cost-effective, scalable, customisable CRM system for their B2C (Business to Client) activities.

If you've wondered how to make this change, then this is the blog for you. Converting the SugarCRM platform to a B2C system is a very straightforward procedure in the Admin section of SugarCRM.

How To - Update Calculated Fields on Multiple Records in SugarCRM

Have you created a calculated field on a module and want to update the field on multiple records quickly?

A calculated field will only operate when the record is edited in some way. At a first glance, therefore, it seems that the only way to get the records to update their calculated fields is to Edit and Save the record away. However, it is possible to update all calculated fields on selected records within a module in one hit.


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