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Integrate Creditsafe with Sugar

Enable Technologies, the largest SugarCRM Platinum 3 Star Partner in Europe, announced today that it launched Creditsafe for Sugar connector. Data from Creditsafe, the world’s most popular supplier of company credit reports, can now be synchronised with Sugar allowing users to easily import customer contacts and merge company information and credit reports.

SugarCRM Campaign Building Blocks

or "What needs to be in place to successfully send out a campaign?"

I often get asked to explain how Campaigns work within Sugar and, whilst it can be daunting at first glance, it is based on a very logical building structure, as I aim to demonstrate in this blog. A Campaign in Sugar contains a number of connected items, or Building Blocks, as follows:

On-line Security - Are you at Risk?

With any on-line system, the weakest point of security will always be the user name and password combinations being used by the individual people logging into that system.

Investing In Cloud Technology

EnableIT is located on a World War II RAF airfield, just outside Ipswich, Suffolk in the UK where it has been steadily growing.

This year has been no exception, with five new members of staff to service the ever expanding needs of our customers.With a 40% increase in turnover and a customer base which is currently growing at 13 new customers per month, and has done so for the last 24 months. Investment in new staff is a must as is more space to accommodate them.

The Enable Team Continues To Grow

Enable Technologies, SugarCRM's 3 Star Platinum Partner and IT Support Company, today announced it is expanding its operations and, as a direct result, has taken on 3 new members of staff as it continues to grow and expand.

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