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London Calling for Enable Technologies

Whilst we love being in the heart of the Suffolk countryside, we find ourselves craving a little of the city life too. As we visit the bright lights of the City on a regular basis, it only makes sense that we open a London office close to Liverpool Street station.

The move to expand in to London sees further positive steps having already moved in to a larger head office last year in Martlesham, Ipswich on our 20th Anniversary.

Enable Technologies recognised for commitment

Enable Technologies, SugarCRM's largest European Elite Partner, was, this month, presented with an award for 10 years of partnership with SugarCRM, in San Francisco CA.

At SugarCRM's flagship event, SugarCon, held in San Francisco, Enable Technologies was presented with an award for their 10 years of commitment and partnership with SugarCRM.

What is your CRM ethos?

When it comes to rolling out a new CRM system, one of the first questions that you should be asking is, “Why are we using a CRM?”

Your employees’ attitudes towards the organisation’s CRM system can greatly affect its success and user adoption which, as highlighted in previous blogs, can have a major effect on your company’s growth and your customers’ experiences and, therefore, having a clear view as to why the CRM is being implemented can help to reduce pushback from staff.

Enable are dressed for charity success

17th April 2015 - Enable Technologies have joined in Football Shirt Friday, a charity fundraising event whereby people give a donation in order to wear a football shirt in aid of the Booby Moore Fund, raising money for Cancer Research UK.

How do you drive User Adoption?

Whilst it is understood that users will have various reasons and excuses as to why they don’t want to use a CRM system, or don’t see any value in its use, what can you do to drive User adoption of a new system?

I was recently asked, by a company owner who was preparing to implement a new CRM solution into their organisation, how they could ensure its successful adoption.

Who puts the data in the CRM?

When Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook, back in 2004, to the students at Harvard University, he had no intention of populating all the information himself. Indeed, it would have been near on impossible for him to do so.

By entering basic information about the people at the university and giving the individuals the means to update the information stored in the system, he enabled any new data being entered to be stored against the correct record, but that’s as far as his initial involvement went.

Does CRM drive growth?

In order to grow, an organisation must enhance its customer experience in order to both attract new customers and increase sales to customers it already has.

Its marketing strategies must be optimised to give a better return on investment and it must properly align its sales, marketing and customer service processes to support the growth that these will deliver.

Who really benefits from a corporate CRM solution?

It is widely accepted that companies often purchase Customer Relationship Management systems based on the benefits that they are promised they will see. But who, exactly, benefits the most from an organisation having a CRM solution in place?

There are a number of people who will benefit from a company having a CRM system and this is not isolated to the employees of the company.

Integrate Creditsafe with Sugar

Enable Technologies, the largest SugarCRM Platinum 3 Star Partner in Europe, announced today that it launched Creditsafe for Sugar connector. Data from Creditsafe, the world’s most popular supplier of company credit reports, can now be synchronised with Sugar allowing users to easily import customer contacts and merge company information and credit reports.


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